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Price: 15.00
Curse of the Dead Man's Hand is a Card Game by Bree Orlock. This game is for 3 to 6 Players. In this game, the Players must collect all of the Dead Man's Hand cards into their Hand in order to win. But be careful, the other Players can speed up the game by buying new cards from the Deck and discarding less than useful cards into the Discard deck, or Players can Steal cards from other players in an attempt to speed their way towards getting the Dead Man's Hand and winning the game!
The Physical Product has been approved for PRINT copies, so buy your copies of the game and enjoy!


Price: 12.00
The Bree Orlock's Lovecraftian Horror Playing Cards is a standard playing card deck with beautifully crafted art to help enhance any game of cards. This deck can also be used to play any Role-Playing Game that uses a standard deck of playing cards, including the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game.
This is a 52 Card Poker Deck (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades), plus 2 Jokers...54 cards in all.
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Price: 11.99
The Dark Aeons Conflict Resolution Deck has been created in order to make it easier for Directors and Actors to play Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles games.


The Physical Product is LIVE and ready for orders to be placed now.



Price: 6.00 (PDF)

GOIN'POSTAL is a Survival Board Game of satirical horror. Harvey the formerly mild-mannered postal carrier just lost his job, his wife left him, she ran over the dog with the car as she took his truck....I know, this sounds like the beginning of a country music song....but now Harvey has determined to pay back everyone that ever wronged him.

This game is definitely not politically correct and not for the faint of heart.

This is a new board game, from Stardust Publications;  where the players attempt to stop a psycho from spelling doom to the workers of a post office. This is a game of survival where they must use their wits in this fast paced game of kill or be killed. Within the period of 20 rounds the Players must stop the Player that is playing the Psycho from killing the rest of them. This game requires at least 2 players, and is for MATURE GAMERS ONLY.