These are photos from the 4rd Cast of Playtesters for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. Season 4 was played out in Cincinnati OH and for whatever reason we didn't really take photos of the playtest Episodes; we did manage to remember to put together a gallery of individual cast photos.  Also included are the Persona names and positions within Atlantean society if known.

Beth Baker aka Dr. Jaelynn Rose. During the playtesting she was playing a human Psychic that was part of the Obsidian Group. Due to her work schedule, she is only able to attend about half of the playtest Episodes.

Edward Bohart aka Bedwyr Alun, a Nephilim that has unfortunately has connections to House Ramius due to his own curiosity of the Atlanteans and their fate.

Pamela Herzner aka Jordyn Ravenscroft of House Lionnes, she had one of the more unusual Personas in the cast due to Jordyn being a Faux Blooded Atlantean and a Dhampir.

Elizabeth Vienna aka Camila Delarosa (Not the High Lady of the Court of Roses) of House Lionnes. Unfortunately due to her schooling she had to duck out after only a few Episodes of play.