These are photos from the 3rd Cast of Playtesters for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. Season 3 was played out in Toledo OH and for whatever reason we didn't really take photos of the playtest Episodes; we did manage to remember to put together a gallery of individual cast photos.  Also included are the Persona names and positions within Atlantean society if known.

Robert Belcher aka Cirilius Curwen II of House Draconis

Linda Morrisey aka Zoe Ashmore of House Lionnes

Yvonne Day. We're not exactly sure what her Persona's name was, but what we do know is she was portraying a human sorcerer.

Adam Maag. Adam mostly helped by reading through the playtest rules and helped us find some of the holes or vague areas in the rules. Due to his hectic schedule, he was never able to get to play in the Playtest Episodes.

Christopher Szynkowski aka Professor Edward Ravenhardt of House Draconis

Benjamin S. aka Yosogi Tanaka of House Ramius. Ben mostly got to help playtest the Dark Aeons rules through the Toledo gaming convention Bashcon XXIII and Bashcon XXIV

James Paddock Sr. James for a time helped us through giving us space on his web domain to host the old Dark Aeons playtest website. Due to his erratic schedule he was never truly able to sit down and play in the playtesting.

Stephen Stallkamp. We know he had a Persona in the playtesting, but due to our move back to Cincinnati, it is believed that his Persona sheet disappeared along with a bunch of other files.

Beth Baker aka Evelyn MacCarter. During the playtesting she was playing a human Psychic that was part of the Obsidian Group. Due to her work schedule, she was not able to attend as many playtest Episodes as she would have preferred.