These are photos from the 2nd Cast of Playtesters for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. Unfortunately due to hardware failure, we ended up losing most of the photos from Season 2; however we did manage to put together a gallery of individual cast photos. Also included are the Persona names and positions within Atlantean society if known.

Daniel Pilgrim aka The Captain of House Ramius, Consul

Eric Nelson aka Ronald Edward St. James-Smith of House Ramius, Patriarch

Jacqueline Schear aka Juliette Bathory of the Family Bathory , Magistrate

Jason Scott Forshey aka Guiseppe Giovanni of House Ramius, Praetorian

Joseph Luckey III aka Res Tepes of House Dracul

In Season 2, J.D. Brice returned to reprise his role as Uri Tepes of House Dracul, Antiquarian

Karyn aka Natasha Tepes of House Dracul

Katt aka Richard Johnson of House Thalus, Patriarch

Kyle Schwartz aka Michael Archor Dragosee  of House Draconis, Patriarch of House Draconis

Michael Wigle aka Francois Desjardin DeLyones of House Lionnes, Praetorian

Misty aka Rand "Jinx" Cox of House Lionnes

Norbert Koopman aka Thomas Leistre of House Ramius

Tim Conboy aka Christopher DelaRosa of House Lionnes, Patriarch

For reasons we quite don't understand, Randy Couch's Persona sheet disappeared on us and we honestly don't remember what Persona he portrayed during the Cincinnati playtesting of Dark Aeons - It should be noted however that some of his ideas and input went into the Sway system that appears in the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles core book.