These are photos from the 1st Cast of Playtesters for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. Please forgive the poor quality of the photos, they were taken with a Polaroid camera back in 2000. Also included are the Persona names and positions within Atlantean society if known.

Alexandre Lerouge, Centurion of House Ramius (left) (Oliver)& David Cosgrove of House Draconis (right) (Eric Bonkowski)

Corinth Sarninia of House Thalus (left) (Josh Eller) & Marcus Hektor, Patriarch and Scarlet Brother of House Thalus (right) (Christopher Service)

 Lady Natasha Blackthorn, Matriach of House Draconis (left) (Jessica Hansel), David Cosgrove of House Draconis(back) (Eric Bonkowski), and Ethan Mercer of House Draconis (front) (Jason McKeen)

Uri Tepes of House Dracul (left) - Magistrate, Patriarch and member of the Antiquarians' Guild (J.D.Brice) & Angelique D'Aquitaine, Matriarch of House Lionnes (right) (Jessica Hall)

Lady Natasha Blackthorn, Matriarch of House Draconis (Jessica Hansel)

Greg Strabo aka A Member of the Antiquarians Guild

Kali " Lady Kali"  aka The First Citizen of Columbus

Michael Wigle aka Luther Bathory of the Family Bathory