Welcome to Dark Tomorrows. Dark Tomorrows is an organization of Tabletop and Live-Action Roleplaying Companies from the United States and Abroad that take part in a Global Series of Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles roleplaying games. Come join us in exploring the dark and mysterious Dark Aeons Universe; take part in the politicking and intrigues of the Second Atlantean Empire, or take the role of  one of the many different types of Personas that make up the Dark Aeons Universe. Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles is set during the modern era

Dark Tomorrows  is a Not-for-Profit organization, as such there are no fees and no membership dues. There is no financial gain within this organizational on any level. Everything that you see here is member created and donated, hence no monetary profit.

What is Dark Tomorrows?

Dark Tomorrows is an independent not-for-profit organization that supports Tabletop and Live-Action role-playing and promotes the individual development of the Actors that take part in the organization and promoted camaraderie among all members in an attempt to tell intriguing and enjoyable stories.

Our Vision

We will establish a strong, secure group of friends that share in Tabletop and Live-Action role-playing and charitable activities, which also strengthen our bonds with the local communities in which we live and encourage personal development.

Our Mission

Provide resources and a positive environment to individuals of all creeds to participate in gaming as a means of recreation and social interaction, in and outside of the games.

To help enhance the interactive Role-playing experience of all participants in our events, including communication, organization, standardized rules and reference sources.

Develop a strong, international, sense of community among our membership.

To help build strong bonds of friendship that can be made and the Organization and all of its members can become better human beings in the end.

We charge no membership fees. There are no yearly dues. Dark Tomorrows is a non-profit organization.


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 Dark Tomorrows is looking for Actors and Directors with the drive to help expand the Dark Aeons Universe. To Join as a member or as a Company, all one needs to do is go to the links "Join Dark Tomorrows " for individual members and "Company Applications" for those wishing to join Dark Tomorrows as a group.

All potential members should email the Director of Admissions at: admissions@stardust-publications.com for more details

You can reach the Webmaster of this Site at this email address: