Greetings & Salad Dressings!

I know that the website for Dark Tomorrows went up about a year and some change ago. I also know that we had some people join back then. Sadly due to some hardware malfunctions (we had an entire backup hard drive die ingloriously), we lost all of the member records that we had from the start up of Dark Tomorrows.

But you are asking yourselves what is Dark Tomorrows? It is that support structure that we have been promising all of you fans of Dark Aeons from the beginning. Whether you are playing Dark Aeons as a Tabletop game or as a Live-Action game, what Dark Tomorrows was meant to be was a way to unite all of your games within the Dark Aeons Universe.

Dark Tomorrows is an independent not-for-profit organization that supports Tabletop and Live-Action role-playing and promotes the individual development of the Actors that take part in the organization and promote camaraderie among all members in an attempt to tell intriguing and enjoyable stories.

Dark Tomorrows has no membership dues. This organization was meant to be free from the start; and we intent to keep it that way.

Now you are probably asking yourselves….How do I get involved? (…at least those of you that are interested in something like this) Well…that’s easy, you sign up to become a member; at that point we will email you your membership card. It’s that simple.

In the near future once we have enough members, there will be elections for all of the upper management positions within the organization.  I will be honest with you, the only reason that I’m listed as the International Coordinator right now is because we needed someone to fill the role before the elections.

Once the Elections are completed and the officers installed in their positions, it will be up to the members to help build the organization. As a publishing company we will support Dark Tomorrows with advice and additional content, and by hosting the Dark Tomorrows website. Past that, we want the fans to be in charge of how this new and exciting universe expands and blooms.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the Dark Aeons Email List, or you can email me.


  Hugz & Kissez,
Bree Orlock
International Coordinator (Pro Temp)
Dark Tomorrows