What is Dark Tomorrows? What is Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles for that matter?
Put simply, Dark Tomorrows is a fan-run organization that runs the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles diceless role-playing game. The Actors (Players) take part in an interlinked series of storylines through the various Dark Tomorrows Companies throughout the United States and Abroad. Dark Aeons is a Lovecraftian horror game of mysteries and intrigue that is set in modern day world. The primary Protagonists of the Dark Aeons setting are the descendants of the survivors of Lost Atlantis; the Atlanteans secretly attempt to manipulate the human world while hiding their existence from humanity.
How old do you have to be to play??
You need to be at least 18 years old to join. The reason for this is purely legal in intent, we don't want a situation to arise that could critically damage the entire organization because of the misjudgment of one Company Director.
Can My friend who is 17 and really mature play even though they are not 18? What if they have parental consent?
If the Company Director truly wants this Actor in play, they need to draw up some form of parental consent form so that both the Parent and the Company are protected. Organizationally speaking, if a minor does something in a Company, we aren't responsible for it. The responsibility falls squarely on the Company Director's shoulders. So in short, be absolutely certain that you want to take the risk before opening this door.
What about props?? I have this really cool sword can I bring it to game?

Anything that could be misconstrued as a real weapon stays home. All weapons in this game are written on weapon cards. A prop like a really neat cane is allowable, but the moment a member even brandishes it as a possible weapon they will be sent home for the day or night and told to leave it at home the next time they come to an event. Use common sense, if it look bad, it generally is bad.
What about Dark Aeons games entering Dark Tomorrows?
This mainly deals with Directors that want to bring their games into the organization, but they have give their Cast of Actors more than 200 Study Points each to build their Personas. Simply put,  there are reasons why new Companies that are entering the organization game perks, it an attempt to help the starting Cast get themselves established in the Global Continuum. The thing is, if we were to simply allow every tom dick and harry into the Global Continuum with whatever ridiculous amount of Study Points that they decided to build their Personas with, it would quickly take the more or less even playing field of the Dark Tomorrows Global Continuum and turn it into a Battle Royale free for all, and honestly, those groups that are joining for the role-playing of their Episodes (rather than the combat elements) would quickly find other more intriguing hobbies than risking the lives of their Personas every time they came to games.  So if your Cast of Personas are starting out with more than 200 Study Points, then yes, you will need to create new Personas for the organization.

Please, tell me how that benefits us?

The benefit is being able to network with other Actors from across the US and Abroad to enhance stories already being told by your Cast. Please keep in mind that once a Cast joins, it does become a Company and does need to follow all of the Approval guidelines as set down by the Dark Tomorrows Charter. But we believe, in the end, the benefits of joining outweigh the draw backs. Once a Cast becomes Company, it becomes part of the larger whole. When the Company isn't doing well, the whole isn't doing well and we will take steps to make things better for the Company that is having difficulties.

Does Dark Tomorrows reward its members for community service and helping out in the Organization?
Yes, absolutely. Dark Tomorrows has an incentive that we call Merit Points. In Dark Tomorrows, we have a Rank system that determines what your voting rights as a member are and what Approvals that you can apply for in regards to Persona Types. Merit Points are spent towards new Persona types when a Persona is forced to retire or is killed in the line action. The Merit Points that are spent will dictate the amount of Study Points that the Actor will be able to spend into their next Persona.

So in a sense, we feel that making the rewards more tangible tends to get the members attention. It gives them a real reason to help out their community and the organization.

Do you have character creation Packets or are those coming in the near future?

To be truthful here, all of the necessary information that an Actor needs to play the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles diceless role-playing game is in the Dark Aeons Core Book. To create seperate Persona Creation packets would be counter-productive in regards to helping Stardust Publications keep the Dark Aeons line of books in print, so to answer it simply, no.


What are the Perks?

One of the big perks that is being discussed right now is allowing the first 5 members of a starting Company to make their Personas with 200 Study Points. Right now we're working out the details of it, but at this point it seems like that is the path we are going to take to help new Companies get their starting Personas established.


Is there a membership points program set up and if so how will that work?

Yes, we have a Merit Points system. The way it works is members do "good works" that help benefit their chapter or the Dark Tomorrows organization as a whole. Whether it is by holding an organizational position or company position, or whether the member helps recruit new members, or by helping to clean up after a company game, attending chapter meetings, superior Roleplaying, Superior Costuming, etc,..

As members earn more Merit Points, their MP Total Accrued is logged with their Company Auditor and at the International Level; that helps determine what their Membership Rank will be, and the Membership Rank also determines Voting Rights and Approvals (for Persona Types). When a member wants to create a new Persona, their Membership Rank determines what  that the member will have access to. Merit Points are  "spent" to "buy" into the new character type that the member wants (after the Persona Type has been approved by whatever Approval Officers are required). The Current Merit Points rises and falls when members start new PCs. Their Total Accrued Merit Points never changes.

What is the overall Global Continuum trying to achieve in ways of plot and story?

We are trying to knit together a grand quilt of stories into a larger Global Continuum. The overall goal is to create a dynamic story that all members of Dark Tomorrows can take part in. So an event that occurs in Boston MA can reverberate all the way across the country if enough Personas are connected to the overall storyline.

What is the chain of command from player on up?

The chain of command is member to Company officers (Company Director, Company Auditor, Assistant Company Director), to District (state) officers (District Director, Assistant District Director - Auditor), to the Directors Council, to Coordination Directorate (International Coordinator, Assistant International Coordinator, Director of Admissions, Director of Public Relations, Director of Grievances, & Director of Technology)